Husseny Bakery takes pride in being one of the first established bakeries in Pune (or Poona as it was then called). The story of Husseny Bakery began in 1932 when Late Mr. Mirdehghan .S. Murteza started the bakery in Bhawani Peth. The bakery exclusively supplied freshly baked goods to the Poona cantonment, a practice which continued even after the Independence. While his son Dr. S. M. M. Irani then joined the family business in 1972, being a Dr. (PhD) in Economics & Political Science. Later being shifted to Taboot Street, where it continues to operate today, Husseny Bakery has continued as a family business for more than 7 decades, now being run by Dr.S.M.M.Irani.

As most part of the bakery remains unchanged, visiting the bakery is like travelling through the time. The recipes have been passed down from one generation to the other, and so walking into the store, you will enjoy the same smell of freshly baked goods.We have a large and a loyal fan following, since three
generations, across the globe.


We have been producing and selling baked goods in large wood-fired ovens, using staple ingredients with no artificial additives.Over the years, several highly skilled bakers have joined the bakery and, together with our age old traditional recipes, contributed in creating a wide range of traditional baked products such as breads, broons, Irani naan, biscuits, cakes, plum cakes, jam rolls, pastries, pizza bases, croissants, French rolls, patties, kharis, among others. We have been handcrafting some of the Best Broons for more than 50 years now.


We have stuck to our simple principle of making everything we sell, fresh and using local ingredients, obtained from the same vendors/ partners since decades. Since our inception till date, our customers walk in our stores and find the homely feeling we have always had. Many of them also fondly remember Mr. Ali Mirza, or simply Ali Baba, a manager at Husseny Bakery, who had also worked for Lord Mountbatten during the British Raj.

We are a family business, that’s why our people are at the heart of everything we do. Even though the size of the business has grown in recent years, we still maintain a family spirit and atmosphere.Today, we have come a long way, and pride ourselves in constantly ensuring that our customers’ experience is a truly enjoyable one.